Saturday, January 3, 2009

The True Confessions of Carolscrapquilter

1. I buy too much fabric.

2. Call me old-fashioned, but I love florals, especially tiny rosebud prints in muted shades of pink, green, and off-white.

3. I have a vast collection of quilt magazines, and I can't bear to part with even one of them.

4. I spend more time dreaming about making quilts than actually making them.

5. I have too many unfinished projects. I intend to do an inventory and post my list of unfinished quilts soon.

6. I just gave away three unfinished quilt tops to reduce my list of unfinished projects.

7. Every time I actually finish a project, I start two or three more.

8. It took me over 26 years to finish a quilt for my daughter. I will never ever attempt another Grandmother's Flower Garden!

9. I prefer to make small quilts...bed-size quilts are overwhelming and rarely get finished.

10. My fabric and notions are not well organized. I tend to throw things everywhere, but I'm trying to reform.

11. When I'm not making a quilt, I'm thinking about making a quilt.

12. I'm obsessed with buying remnants and scrap bags, and believe it or not, when I get home I wash, dry, and iron every single little scrap of fabric. That's why I call myself "carolscrapquilter."

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