Friday, April 17, 2009

Eli's Zoo Quilt

One of My UFO's

I started this BEFORE Eli was born and still haven't finished. I want to embroider his birthday, weight and height at birth, and place where he was born in the open space under "ELI" with my embroidery machine. I just haven't quite figured out how to use it!

Eli and His Sock Monkey

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How I Met the Patience Quilters

I have been interested in quilting well, forever. One day I saw a notice in the paper that the Patience Quilt Guild met the second Tuesday of each month at the Methodist Church. I decided then and there that I would attend a meeting. Since it was 45 miles from my home, my overprotective husband insisted on driving me there (more about him in a later post). He said he would go to Lowe's (typical man) while I was at the meeting. As he dropped me off at the entrance, he asked, "Are you SURE you want to do this?" (like I was having liposuction, breast reduction, or some other elective surgery with the likelihood of serious side effects!) I said I would be OK...what could possibly happen to me with a bunch of ladies at the Methodist Church????? I'll tell you what happened...I have made new friends, improved my quilting skills, became involved in community service projects, and learned how to play "strip poker."

Strip Poker

Well, we played "Strip Poker" at our last quilt guild sleepover, and I won! Talk about beginner's luck!!!! I came home with a mountain of 2 1/2 in. x 44/45 in. strips. I used many of the strips in a donation quilt which turned out so cute... I just sewed the strips together in rows and even made the borders with more strips. My friend Jackie quilted it on her long-arm machine. It was given to a homeless child...I hope she loves it and keeps it always.

I Love the Patience Quilters

I'm so lucky to be a member of the Patience Quilt Guild...this is a great group of quilters, and I've learned so much from them. Not only have I improved my quilting skills, but I'm involved in a variety of community service projects. We make quilts for hospitalized children, homeless and displaced children, and patients in the Veterans Hospital. We also make a raffle quilt each year, donating the funds to worthy causes such as the March of Dimes and the Cancer Society, among others. We donate food and toiletries to local shelters, and school supplies to needy children. We have sleepovers (FUN FUN FUN), sit-and-sews, and classes taught by certified teachers where we learn new techniques. Something was definitely missing in my life until I met the Patience Quilters!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eli's Halloween Quilt

I had FUN FUN FUN making this for little Eli's first Halloween! You can't see it in the photo, but I machine-quilted it in a huge spider web pattern. My goal was to make him a quilt for every holiday. That didn't work out, but my daughter said he couldn't possibly use that many quilts anyway! Which makes perfect sense now that I think about it!

Eli's Sock Monkey Quilt

I made this quilt using the "square in a square" method (which looks a lot easier than it really is.) I don't think I want to make another quilt using this method (not my thing) but I just LOVE the monkeys! So does Eli!

Eli's Maze Quilt

This is my grandson's "maze" quilt. Can you find 2 different ways the monkeys in one corner can find the bananas in the opposite corner? This was intended to be one of the 5 donation quilts I promised to make for my guild's community service projects. One day as I was showing my daughter Lindsay the quilt, Eli threw himself on it, spread out his arms, and looked at me as if to say "THIS IS MY QUILT." Pretty good communication skills for a 15 month old with a pacifier in his mouth! When I showed the quilt at my monthly guild meeting, apologizing for not donating this particular one, my fellow quilters understood but made me promise to make another just like it!

Abbey's Quilt

Here is a quilt I recently made for my son's girlfriend Abbey. I enjoyed piecing and quilting this for the girl who has made Mike so happy!