Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Runaway

Tonight's blog has nothing to do with quilting (my favorite pasttime, in case you're unaware)...I just wanted to share a poem I've written. I get it out every Fathers' Day and reread it, although I can quote it from memory. It's a tribute to my dad, George David Roberts (1934-1961).

The Runaway

She ran away to Heaven,
A suitcase in her hand.
The climb was long and arduous,
But she had to understand.
Why did Daddy go to Heaven
Leaving her behind?
She climbed the golden staircase
This question on her mind.
Her chubby legs kept climbing;
She felt so young and small.
She was so determined,
She wouldn't rest at all.
The stairs were getting steeper,
An answer lay ahead.
Her daddy would be waiting,
That is what he'd said.
That he would see her someday--
She couldn't wait that long!
Then she reached for him to hold her
To make her brave and strong.
"Why do you live with Jesus?
I'm just a child, you see--
I need you more than Jesus does,"
Was her tearful plea.
With loving arms around her
In a voice kind and true
He said, "My place is here with Jesus,
But you have things to do.
Go back home to Mama now,
And to your sister too.
Always be a good girl
In everything you do.
We'll see each other someday
When God decides the time is right.
Remember that I love you,
And say your prayers at night."
"I love you, Daddy; I'll be so good.
Tell Jesus that I love him too.
And when he says it's time for me
I'll come and live with you."

Many years have passed since then,
Since I ran away;
And I still miss my daddy
More than words can say.

Carol Roberts Doyle

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