Saturday, December 27, 2008

My New Year's Resolutions

I've been giving a lot of thought to this for the past few weeks, and this is what I've New Year's resolutions are as follows, along with a couple of loopholes in case I get desperate:

Resolution #1: I will not buy any new fabric in 2009. I will use what I have already amassed to create as many beautiful quilts as possible. However, I will allow myself the option to barter, beg, or even steal fabric if necessary. It will be okay to accept fat quarters if I am a winner in my quilt guild's monthly fat quarter lotto. My friends and family may buy fabric (please make sure it's 100% cotton) and give to me as a birthday gift. By the time my birthday rolls around in May, I will probably be experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms or in jail for attempting to shoplift bolts of fabric at Hancock's.

Resolution #2: I will not buy any new quilt magazines. I have enough of these to last a lifetime---so why do I keep buying more???? If I'm feeling desperate, I'll just read the new issues right there in the store, replacing them on the rack after I have perused them from cover to cover.

Resolution #3: I would like to make at least four donation quilts in 2009 for homeless children. With all the scraps I've got stashed away in baskets, bins, and Rubbermaid boxes, there's no reason why I shouldn't combine my fabric with my time and talent to provide warmth and comfort to a child who really needs it.

I'll keep you posted on how well I stick to my resolutions. Please send me an encouraging comment now and then. Thanks for taking the time to read. And if you're not already a quilter, you should get started immediately.

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